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As an MD , I am, for the first time in my 47 years of practice , embarrassed and furious by the actions of our organizations and individual physicians in the COVID debacle.

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Thank you so much for this thoughtful examination. One point that sits squarely in the foreground of solutions to me is--- let's reverse the oppression, the mandates, the toxic injections, the targeting of children and infants and the preborn, the masking, the lockdowns and the misinformation labeling. Let us get rid of it all. Amnesty does not occur BEFORE the wrong behavior is reversed.

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" Certainly, those who were fired because they refused to take an inoculation that was known to be ineffective in preventing both disease and transmission of the virus need to be given their jobs back, if they even want them, and compensated in some sort of way."

"Known to be ineffective" - This is NOT relevant for legitimate inoculations. Anyone wishing to receive the protection that a legitimate inoculation provides is free to make an informed choice to willingly receive one. All the more so if it is NOT KNOWN to be effective.

But the FORCED injection of a substance into an unwilling victim's body, whether by physical force or through mental coercion by threat of any type of reprisal (monetary, procedural, or otherwise), IS EQUIVALENT TO RAPE!

And the perpetrators of such heinous crimes should be held accountable, regardless of the level in which they were complicit to that crime.

Forgive? Yes!

Forget? NO!

Amnesty? Unconscionable!

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