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I totally agree with what you have said in this article. As a retired RN, I have watched this happen over the course of the last 50 years. The pitfalls of this evolution became evident with the COVIDcrisis. I no longer know who I can trust to care for me and my husband.

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Outstanding article. I have a hard time seeing a path forward until “people in charge” (bureaucrats, administrators, ALL of us) openly admit what we learned about ourselves.

Covid taught me I owe it to my fellow citizens to speak up when I see individuals being bullied by the monolith (agencies, government, employers, etc). In the past, I would tell myself “not my monkey, not my circus” and “stay in my lane”. I never took the vaccine or mocked others who did. But I wore a mask during peak Covid despite “knowing” it was all theater, and I could have pushed back harder at my work or where I shop against the nonsense precautions. I’m embarrassed.

All the dancing TikTok nurses, pro-jab finger waggers, and silent doctors must ask themselves why they were so quick to promote “Covid precautions, keep everyone safe” vs advocating basic steps like diet, exercise, bloodwork, Vitamin D, avoiding drugs/alcohol, etc.

Hopefully we ALL take this opportunity to get better/stronger/smarter.

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I have no intention of ever entering a hospital again unless it is to visit someone. Thanks for your excellent piece. Medicine in my lifetime has been degraded into an abomination. I had been trained to think critically at Penn in the 1980s, but when I applied such thinking recently I was vilified by the institutions that purport to safeguard our well-being.

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The vice-like grip of medical boards upon so many physicians has been our undoing. New health care professionals who's priority is deference to Authority,instead of curious and rational investigation has been the expectation of the last few decades.

There's hope,but it's so very small.

Thank you for this article, sir. I hope you can find a way to help guide your profession back to the Light.

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